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Ethiopian Coffee: Discover the Rich Taste of Africa

It may seem like it is worlds away, but a taste of Ethiopia is a daily experience for millions of people every single day. Every time you turn the coffee pot on, you are most likely preparing to experience the satisfying flavor of coffee from Ethiopia, which grows 70 to 80% of the world’s coffee beans.

Ethiopia introduced coffee to the world in the 16th century, and is still the largest grower of the Arabica coffee craved by most people in the world. Coffee Arabica is the only variety of coffee grown in Kaffa and Sidamo, Ethiopia’s major coffee-growing regions. A household name and major staple, coffee was named after the Kaffa region, which produces the finest Arabica beans in the world. Ethiopian coffee Arabica is full bodied and smooth, rich yet mellow, lacking the pungency and bitterness of coffees grown in other nations.

Ethiopian coffee is available in several varieties, each boasting its own flavors and smells. The three main coffee-growing regions of Ethiopia are Harrar, Ghimbi, and Sidamo. One of the most popular dry processed varieties of the Harrar region is the Longberry, a larger bean that contains a trace of a wine flavor with a touch of acidity. Harrar also produces Ethiopian coffee containing aromatic hints of blackberries and blueberries. It is the aroma of Ethiopian coffee from Harrar, which provides the aroma found in most espresso blends.

The Ghimbi and Sidamo regions mainly produce washed coffees. Ethiopian Ghimbi coffee is well balanced, with a heavier flavor than coffee from the Harrar region. Sidamo coffees are lighter and mild, with a richer, more pleasant aroma.

All types of Ethiopian coffee are never high roasted, no matter where they are grown. To do so would harm the rich character and body of the beverage so many have grown to love. The country is proud to consistently provide coffee lovers with the finest quality and most satisfying flavor in every pot they brew. Ethiopian coffee certainly stimulates our taste buds and bodies. A morning without it would surely send many a person right back to bed.



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