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Delicious Flavors in Ethiopian Coffee

Where do you like to drink your coffee from? If you have not yet tried a delicious cup of Joe from Ethiopia, then that should definitely be next on your list! Ethiopian coffee provides an amazing flavor profile, and it also offers intricate characteristics to the coffee beans so that you can trust that your taste and flavor will be more superb than ever.

In fact, the coffee bean was supposed to have been discovered in Ethiopia as its origin, so we have that country to the thank for the popluar cup of Joe that we so enjoy on a daily basis here in the US. It was said to be the Galla tribe to have first discovered the coffee bean, and Ethiopia has been a central location for coffee harvesting since that point.

The two most common species of coffee beans are Arabica and Robusta, though there are many other less popular species available. Many of these coffee beans species are cultivated directly in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. One primary reason for this is that coffee does need to be cultivated directly on equator between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Coffee needs a rich and fertile environment in which to grow, which is exactly what these tropical climates provide. Once the coffee beans are grown, the berries from the plants are hand-picked, processed, and then dried to complete the harvesting itself. After that, the beans are roasted, and they will undergo a variety of physical and chemical changes. Roasting does happen in many different temperature conditions, which is directly related to the design of the flavor and roast by the roast master.

Interestingly enough, in Ethiopia, coffee was used in historical religious ceremonies. Because of this reason, the Ethiopian Church did ban the secular consumption of coffee since it was seen as a religious drink. Within the country of Ethiopia itself, there are many different varieties of beans produced, and they have a very deep and rich flavor because of the protective shade of the rain forests. Many times, you will find that Ethiopian coffee is light to medium bodied, it also offers a bright acidity. Acidity is the tartness that you will feel on your tongue when you’re drinking a cup of Joe, and that is something to look for when you are trying to discern the flavor profile of your coffee beans.

It is important to look for 100% Arabica beans when you’re searching for coffee beans from Ethiopia because that is the best way to ensure that your beans will have the highest quality in flavor and aroma. About a third of the coffee that is roasted in Ethiopia is through family owned residential farms, so it is a national livelihood within that country. It is a part of their economy, so they depend upon the small farm cultivation of coffee as a export. As for you as a coffee lover, you too can depend on Ethiopia for excellent consistency within the beans that they produce, making its way directly into your premium cuppa Joe!


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