Sourced Thoughtfully and Carefully Prepared.

Welcome to y our one-stop solution for quality arabica coffee sourced exclusively from Ethiopia. Here at Ada Coffee, Our goal is to provide the best quality coffee and excellent customer service.

Discover your favorite origin with a social purpose

“ADA” — Means “Culture”. We are established with a culture of supplying only the highest quality organic and rich Arabica coffee beans sourced exclusively from Ethiopia. Our objective is to create long-lasting business relationships and help establish Ethiopian coffee as the best coffee in the world.


Complete Transparency

We offer a complete, transparent & traceable supply chain of coffee beans from harvesting/sourcing, through processing and transportation.

Quality Processing

We ensure compliance using international standards throughout the process for every coffee product, from the producer to the final destination.


We strive to ensure our sourced coffee products improve the living conditions of small farmers and are produced with sustainable farming practices.

We are dedicated to the processing and commercialization of high-quality specialty coffees.

With attention to detail and unrelenting focus throughout the sorting and screening process, we aim to always adhere to the highest quality standards and deliver nothing but the highest quality beans to our clients time and time again! We offer Washed Coffee and Sun-dried/Natural coffee from :

How We Source

Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX)

National multi-commodity exchange in Ethiopia through which most of the country’s coffee is purhcased.

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Vertical Integration (Direct Suppliers)

A procedure that enables the exporters to buy the coffee beans directly from the source, outside the Commodity exchange.

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Experience and Learn from our Tradition

Coffee production in Ethiopia is a longstanding tradition that dates back dozens of centuries. Ethiopia is where Coffee arabica originates.